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Ever thought about realizing the full green potential of existing real estate or enhancing the quality for your green project? We help you make smart and green decisions. Because just green is not necessarily good green, and as such might not always be a sustainable and a valuable investment. Green City Buzz provides risk assessment in green projects and opens up opportunities to improve and increase project value. We do this for early conceptual phases but also for later phases.

As a foundation we have developed an assessment framework that gives insights in the quality of all kinds of green such as parks, perks, facade gardens, vertical greenery and rooftop greenery. We will evaluate on a variety of criteria, building upon more than 30 years of experience in green and the latest scientific research. This focused and concise report gives straight-forward and ready to implement measures to improve, as well as advice on risk mitigation. Our assessment provides a clearcut solution for your green challenges.

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Ever thought about realizing the full potential of your green project?

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