green city buzz

Changing the way urban green gets done

Green City Buzz maximizes potential by accelerating planning, development and implementation of sustainable urban greenery. Our vision, based on 30 years of green experience combined with the latest scientific research, envisions a quality boost of greenery projects to optimize the environment, economic and social value that green can have for cities. Read more on our vision here.

Green City Buzz aims to enable and realize as much high-quality and sustainable urban greenery as possible. Besides this we to share our knowledge with the biggest number of people. In partnership with local entrepreneurs, property owners, residents, visitors and municipalities, we use our expertise to advise greenery efforts, facilitate pilots projects and inform others.

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high-quality urban green realized
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We guide accurate green planning in early conceptual and subsequent phases for reduced project risk and improved results.


We  encourage better quality urban greenery, with a “365-days green” approach through pilot projects and development.


We highlight implementation challenges to stakeholders, advise on how to address them, and influence processes and regulation.
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